‘Balance’ by Martina Mächler from De Appel on Vimeo .

A financial report covering Martina Mächler‘s earnings and spendings spanning over the time span of her university studies. The data is visualised in two-coloured, screenprinted quarter-yearly diagrams shown on powerpoint slides presented on the moveable flatscreen monitor. By means of anecdotes she discusses personal incidents and experiences questioning the predictability of financial and therefore connected emotional balance. The personal references are also a means to break the formal and objectively connoted meeting situation, where there‘s usually no place for the personal. 

The banaities of daily life appear in the form of money and transactions, which are effecting or even controlling art production. Speaking about it from a position of power shows dependencies that break the still present idea of autonomous art production. An analysis of the institutional goals reflected in her experience. The script was written from her perspectives as an artist, a CEO and a private person. Distinctions with extremely blurry transition, where ideas of work- life relations can be renegotiated.