The workshop Behaviour As Strike: The practice of "Presencelessness" was conceived as a propaedeutic (but non-compulsory) exercise to the lecture-performance Air Talking, that took place on Friday, 14 April 2017.
Behaviour As Strike: The practice of "Presencelessness"  focused on presence as core material, along with the notion of the production of a body through behaviour and simulation. Through a series of exercises and meditations, the workshop investigated presence and absence as performative and political matters, and reflect on ideas such as:

What kind of body do I need to produce in order to strike?
How many bodies do we use?
How can I produce a different body?
What form can presence take?
Is it an action or rather a substance?
How do we perform absence while being present?

The last part of the workshop was devoted to exploring and learning the set of gestures of Air Talking, the discipline of simulation of presence in the circumstance of mundane discussion. Air Talking is an observation of integrated simulation on a social level. The performance is conceived as an Air Talking workshop, a course or an amphitheater lecture of the Third Kind. Air Talking is based on a number of postures and gestures, which, through body language, should provoke consciousness of collective behaviour, and the economy linked to it.