Metahaven, City Rising, 2014 Filmed, directed and designed by Metahaven.
Models by Constant Nieuwenhuys. Words by Brian Kuan Wood.


Brian Kuan Wood conducted a reading group and deep analysis of his text Is It Love?, originally published in 2014. The text illustrates a contemporary world in which conventional structures and arbiters of value have begun to dissolve and are in turn replaced by symbolic alternatives such as friendship and love – “love being one of the major currencies of replacement, into the economization of “empathy”.

The reading group addressed issues raised by the text such as emotional labour and endurance and their relevance today, as well as the appropriation of irony by right-wing culture and language. The reading group was developed within the framework as a propaedeutic exercise to Exhaustion and Exuberance, and proposed different terminologies and horizons to navigate our dependence on the incessant pressure to perform in the knowledge economy, reflecting upon the boundaries between work, pathological commitment and pleasure.

Is It Love? by Brian Kuan Wood, E-Flux Journal #53 – March 2014